Ruth and Kevin Loving// 7/20/2019

Perfect is the only way to describe July 20th for Kevin and Ruth.

Photo By House DJ St. Louis

Photo By House DJ St. Louis

Ruth and Kevin found us in late May on The Knot. From the first message, we clicked. Ruth was fun and full of life. All through the planning process, she couldn’t been more content, though planning a wedding in the later part of her engagement. When we talked to Ruth and Kevin, they shared with me how much they love art, and they explains their dream venue, the St. Louis Art Museum. We chatted about life, and how they’re living in Seattle, and Kevin’s love for gangster rap.

Now, over the days before the wedding, we had developed a really neat relationship with Ruth and Kevin. We went from client to friend, and really, into more of a support role than an entertainer. She would send us questions about things that didn’t exactly pertain to our part of the wedding, and we would calm her and happily answer her questions. She would be worried about something, and we would calm her. Lauryn and I absolutely love that part of the job, and honestly wish more of our clients would confide in us in that way.

Fast forward to Saturday at 2:00

We got up and around, and started early. Generally, if we’re just doing DJ, we’ll arrive to setup about an hour and fifteen minutes ahead of time, but if we’re doing DJ and photo booth, we show up at least two hours before. Photo Booth doesn’t only double setup time, but load-in, etc. We got there around 2:00PM for the ceremony start time at 4:30. Why? Well, the Jewel Box stacks ceremonies at about 3-a-day. So, when one leaves, you come in, and then when you’re done, the next one comes in. It’s crazy fast. So, we arrived extra early so that we could setup the ceremony stuff as soon as the last wedding was over and fill the space, then Lauryn could run over to SLAM and drop the photo booth off. The earlier we can cross things off our list, we will.

Photo By House DJ St. Louis

Photo By House DJ St. Louis

So, before the ceremony started, we got the bridal party ready, got Ruth and Kevin set, and started. Kevin and the officiant walked down to the same music that was playing “Use Somebody” any Max Arnald, a fantastic piano cover of Kings of Leon. Then, the bridal party walked down to a cover of “Can’t Help Falling In Love”, and then finally, after several pairs of bridesmaids and groomsmen, it was time for Ruth to come down.

So, Ruth starts down the aisle with her father. The way the Jewel Box is setup is such that we were set in the middle of the back, nestled into a little half-circle cutout in a flower garden. Then, behind us is two hallways on either side. One is where you enter from, and the other is connected to the Bride’s Room. So, Ruth comes out from behind us to the right, and heads down the aisle to Kevin.

Photo By House DJ St. Louis

Photo By House DJ St. Louis

The ceremony was a lengthy 15 minutes long, and absolutely perfect. The sun shining from the high-sky sunset through the glass windows on the side of the Jewel Box made for an absolutely astonishing ceremony.

So, after the ceremony was done, we hoofed it over to the St. Louis Art Museum and loaded in. Now, I am not kidding when I say this. We’ve performed at some seemingly high-security places: Lambert International Airport, Gateway Grizzlies Ballpark, Busch Stadium, but we’ve never—EVER—seen as high security as this. Buzzed in from the door, bags checked, security escort with all carts to a massive elevator, a long maze-like hallway, another elevator, and then a hallway to the venue. It was absolutely insane, but also—kinda cool.

Photo Taken by House DJ St. Louis

Photo Taken by House DJ St. Louis

So, we were lead to where we would setup, right in the middle of the room with an outlet on the floor—cool. Setup was breezy, and music was playing immediately, but there was one problem: where we were setup was only where dancing would be, and not where any of the occasions were happening. So, none of the sound was legible from the room we were instructed to setup in between the concrete walls and 100ft ceilings. Our saving grace, however, was that the venue recognized the problem ahead of time and rented a sound system, so we were able to plug one of our systems in to their speakers in the hall and run the night without any gap at all.

Dinner went just as it should. The staff at SLAM was fabulous and expedient, going from course-to-course without pause. Just like clockwork. The food was fabulous!

Finally, we moved everyone into the room where we had our main system setup, and proceeded with the first dance of Ruth and Kevin. It was sweet, slow, and seemingly-choreographed. They danced ballroom style to the first dance song.

Photo Taken by House DJ St. Louis

Photo Taken by House DJ St. Louis

Then, we brought out two chairs and played the shoe game. We asked some questions and had them raise shoes. The shoe game works in which we ask questions that is either him or her. They each have one of their shoes and one of the other’s shoes. Then, whoever they think the answer is, that’s who’s shoe they raise. We laughed and let loose throughout the shoe game, and the questions got deeper and more personal as it went on. From “Who made the first move” to “Who is more likely to get lost while driving?”.

Finally. as the last engagement of the night, we did something called an Anniversary Dance. An anniversary dance is something in which we have all of the married couples come out to one side of the dance floor. We play a slow song, and have them all dance. Then, we call out an amount of time. If you’ve been married less than that amount of time, we’ll have you move to the other side of the dance floor. So, naturally, we start out with a couple of hours, to single out the bride and groom and give them yet another spotlight. We worked it all the way down to 38 years. It really was so sweet and fun!

We opened the dance floor right after the anniversary dance, a way for us to start with a full dance floor. We opened it with “September”, and only had about an hour and 15 minutes left. We went quite quickly from classic hits into 90’s hits, early 2000s, and then moved into some borderline gangster rap for Kevin.

Photo By House DJ St. Louis

Photo By House DJ St. Louis


So, acknowledging a few people:

Kevin and Ruth, thank you! You two were absolutely amazing people, and your crowd was so wonderful. We had an absolute blast, and are so honored to call you two friends. Best of luck on your travels in Europe for your honeymoon, and all of your adventures in Seattle.

Saint Louis Art Museum, thank you for your gorgeous place and incredible staff. Gabe was fantastic, your security staff was amazing and helpful, and the wait staff was very expedient. Also, the venue is absolutely amazingly gorgeous. Ruth and Kevin were so blown away.

Want to step inside their wedding? Check out House DJ St. Louis’ video!

Update: review from Ruth about House DJ St. Louis:

I highly, HIGHLY recommend House DJ St. Louis. I can’t thank Cole and Lauryn enough for their services. They were PHENOMENAL. If you’re looking for a professional, classy, yet fun and upbeat DJ, you need to book House DJ St. Louis ASAP!

Here’s why we absolutely loved Cole and Lauryn:

1. They’re wedding experts. They’ve done many already, and they’re planning their own wedding, so they’ve experienced weddings from all sides.

2. They’re personable. They got to know us as both customers and friends throughout the planning process. They reassured us and got us excited despite all of the stress and chaos around wedding planning.

3. They’re communicative. They texted us a bunch, and their response time was so quick. They were easy to email, call, text, and meet with in person.

4. They’re flexible. Up until 1 week before our wedding, we didn’t have any music planned for our ceremony. When we told them this, they said they could be there, no problem. They ended up handling our entire ceremony, including coordinating timing w/ music and walking down the aisle. Everything went so smoothly!

5. They’re spontaneous. The night before our wedding, we texted them asking if we could incorporate the shoe game during our reception. They agreed and prepared a list of fun questions in less than 24 hours. The shoe game was a huge hit!

6. They’re insightful. They gave us ideas for activities during the reception, such as the anniversary dance and cake wars.

7. They excel at keeping the dance floor lively. Their music choices were fun, relevant, and appealing to wide audiences. We especially loved that they let us DJ a song during the reception. That was such a highlight!

8. They’re professional and exercise good judgment. We originally wanted to play a rap song at our ceremony, but they used their best judgment and swapped it out for a classier song. We’re super glad they did!

9. They have fast turnaround times for their photobooth pictures. We received the link to download digital copies of our pics in a few days. Our guests were pleased!

10. Their pricing options were reasonable. We were able to pull off a fun, classy, and smooth wedding without breaking the bank.

We seriously can’t recommend House DJ St. Louis enough. They made our wedding come to life. Thank you, Cole and Lauryn, for all that you do!