Kendra and Dakota Akers // 08/24/19

Weddings are sweet, calm, and romantic, right? Well, while this wedding was sweet and romantic, calm, it was not.

Kendra and Dakota’s wedding is one we’ll remember forever. Probably the wildest wedding we’ve had yet, but hey!: When in St. Francois County, do as St. Francois Countians. We were at the beautiful Heritage Hall; a historic turn-of-the-century building located minutes off of the highway.

Credit: Heritage Hall (

Credit: Heritage Hall (

So, jump forward a few hours:

Jacoby and I were hired to perform at the ceremony and the reception. The ceremony was held at a church off of Highway 67 just 13 minutes from Heritage Hall, so we setup the reception, then jogged over to the ceremony, set that up, and took some time to breathe before the ball started rolling! We chatted with Pastor Marty, who was already there for a while. Everything from music, to growing up in church, to electric drums. As people started to trickle in, we started the background music, and the room continued to fill for about 45 minutes. As usual, we went outside to check on the bridal party, and they rode in on a party bus! Definitely the way to enter your ceremony and reception.

So, we chatted with Kendra for a minute, just casually about anything other than the wedding that is scheduled to start in 10 minutes. Sometimes, when that’s all that’s on your mind for a full day, a short and subtle break is a blessing. So, Jacoby went inside to adjust the volume levels, I finished up my conversation with Kendra, told them we’d wait for a few more people, and I left. The total time between Jacoby and I was maybe a 3 minute difference. SO, I walk inside and down the center aisle casually, there were still people standing. As I am walking, there are two people walking in front of me. I slowly realize that these two gentlemen were the groom and the minister, walking down the aisle. I take a few steps back, turn around, and sprint outside.

They started, let’s go!”

That was exactly what I said, and exactly what happened. With little confusion, the bridesmaids got lined up, I walked them into the lobby, walked down the side aisle, and Jacoby started the music. The total time-lapse: 15 seconds, maybe.

So, everything went off without a hitch! The ceremony was short and sweet, with a Three-Stranded-Knot ceremony thrown in, and they all exited to a Garth Brooks song! Perfect!

The reception was setup already when we arrived with the caterer ready to go! The bride and groom were taking some photos for maybe an hour with DrewAnn, the photographer. We had a nice mix of classic hits, country, and some modern going for cocktail hour. Some acoustic, some laid-back, and a lot of sing-alongs. The atmosphere was absolutely great. Laidback, relaxed, and calm.

That couldn’t have been a starker contrast

The bridal party entered into “Ain’t Goin’ Down Until The Sun Comes Up”, and it was so fun! A large wedding party always makes for a lively party. The bride and groom came straight in to their first dance, which was actually a nice flow for the night. As soon as they were finished with their dance and the applause died down, dinner was ready to be served!

The toasts were sweet, with a total of four toasts given by various members of the bridal party. Four different perspectives on the newlyweds’ relationship. Humorous and ornery by the boys and always sweet and gentle by the girls.

Again, the contrast is ironic.

So, just before we opened the dance floor, we did the anniversary dance. We got all the way down to 54 years, and Kendra, instead of doing a bouquet toss, actually gave the longest-married couple her bouquet. I thought that was an incredible gesture, and I would love to see it again. The anniversary dance is always an incredible time, and something that we love to do! Also, it starts the dance floor off full.

When we opened the dance floor, we stayed with some neutral hits. Nothing crazy, nothing club, pretty lukewarm really—as to not turn anyone particularly off. Some classic hits, some fun 90’s. OH! And, did I mention: after the toasts, Drew actually dropped by for a couple of hours, so the Akers family got 3 DJs for their wedding, and it was a blast! We were jamming, but there was a pretty distinctive time there where things turned—hard. It wasn’t 10 minutes of a difference from fun, dancing on the floor to dancing on the table! Not one person. It was Kendra, and 4 others on the head table dancing. The table started to sink a little, then it gave way and luckily, everyone was okay! As everyone got off the table, Brandon, the best man, went all Wild Bill Longson and body-slammed the already injured table, bringing it all the way to the ground, and finishing it altogether.

Even with all of the weddings we’ve done, this was a first.

I wasn’t even sure how to react, so I don’t suppose we did. I did get a picture of the table, though it is rather hard to tell. It was a wild one for sure. Spilled drinks were innumerable, dancing on chairs was plenty, and more dancing on tables did occur, as if the one didn’t teach them their lesson. Throughout the night, we did also play the Thunderstruck game that we learned from the Orasco Wedding, and that got a little wild! All-in-all, we had an absolute blast, and we’ve never been treated better. We got invited to a pig roast at a later date, we were invited to go to Hub’s that night to play corn hole, and everyone was so sweet. It really was like a family reunion, and we are so grateful.

Kendra and Dakota, thank you both so much for the opportunity to serve you and be a part of your wedding story. It was a night we won’t soon forget. Your guests were incredible, we are absolutely honored to say that we made some friends that day and you two are in that lot.

P.S. We may have to take you up on the hog roast offer.