Parker and Emi Van Nest// 6/22/2019

For the first place on this platform, I am conflicted. Should I honor it as the first post, or should we post it later as to not bury it? We have to start somewhere, so here goes:

Emi and Parker’s ceremony reception was absolutely perfect.

The forecast looked gloomy, and the morning sky was dark. Their ceremony was set already, and Emi and Parker were optimistic about the weather, though the odds appeared to be against them. As usual with this sort of circumstance, the weather obeyed the positive vibes and cleared up moments before the ceremony, and everything went smoothly. Then, the reception:


We arrived a couple of hours early to setup as always. Load-in instructions were simple: through the doors, to the left, elevator to the 4th floor, and back corner of the room. At the 4th floor, the view of the city was surprisingly great from the east, mid-town venue. To the east behind me, you could clearly see the St. Louis Arch and the downtown buildings, and across the room to the west, you could clearly see the downward sloping rooflines of the rim of the city. Absolutely picturesque.


Their reception was at NEO on Locust, a popular venue in St. Louis, (and actually the one in which Lauryn and I will be having our wedding and reception later this year). Their industrial-chic style is gorgeous, but masculine. The layout is easy, open, and simple. Like an empty canvas for a painter to complete their art. Emi and Parker could not have picked a better place for their love to be celebrated (but I may be a bit partial).

Once the reception got started, the energy was already set, and you just knew this was going to be one of those nights. Speeches were absolutely sweet, with advice given from Emi’s father during the welcome speech:

Your wedding day can be a blur. During your wedding day, take 5 moments and say “I want to remember this moment.” My father gave me that advice on my wedding day, and I still remember those moments.

Then affable stories from Parker’s brother, the best man, and some sweet reminiscent stories from the maid of honor. Between the welcome and toasts, a fabulous meal. Hollyberry Catering provided the meal; from a wedding vendor who has had his fill of “roast beef and potatoes”, this menu was fabulous. Complete with chicken and waffle skewers, mini pretzel burgers, and various incredible mini-meals and snacks, this dinner was absolutely fire. Credit to Emi and Parker for requesting and dreaming of this menu, and credit to HollyBerry for properly pulling it off.


Oh, and Ryan Roe, a crazy talented caricature artist was doing caricatures during the cocktail hour and created this gem for me. Brides, this dude was a HIT, super nice, and starts at $120/hour!

Finally, once the dance floor opened, it would not stop. The dance floor was absolutely packed all night long. We played everything from “September” - Earth, Wind, and Fire, to “No Hands” - Waka Flocka. I couldn’t get them to sit down, even if I tried. You could feel the love from these two, and feel the love from their guests to them.

To say that I was grateful to perform this wedding would be an understatement.

My shotty iPhone pic, barely a commercial for the smartphone’s camera.

My shotty iPhone pic, barely a commercial for the smartphone’s camera.

Parker and Emi, you have my utmost gratitude for the opportunity to be such an integral part of your big day. We wish you many more years of love and happiness!

- Cole