Briana and Patrick Orasco // 8/10/19

This August in St. Louis has been rather strange: mild, instead of surface-of-the-sun. No one was luckier for that than Briana and Patrick Orasco. Their wedding was at Blanchett Park in St. Charles, MO. The ceremony was held in the lower Rau Garden, and the reception took place in the Memorial Hall, just a few strides up the hill. The Rau Garden is absolutely stunning!

Consider the ceremony being held in a place like this. Medium-sized shrubs, beautiful flowers, butterflies, and even a hummingbird or two—all while you say “I Do.” For this day, we couldn’t have asked for a more relaxed bride. Briana was absolutely adorably sweet, and absolutely beautiful in her dress. There was nothing that could ruin this day for them, and nothing did.

The ceremony started immediately, bridesmaids and groomsmen walking from either trail, meeting in the middle, taking a few steps forward, and then splitting to round the patio, meeting back together, and then finally making their way up to the altar. It was absolutely beautiful, just like clockwork.


The ceremony went off without a hitch, and the couple was married. We headed back up for the reception, and got that going. For dinner, we played our general mix, and it was absolute perfection. The mood was incredible, the energy was relatively high, and the food was delish. Finally, once we opened the dance floor, we had a blast. Jacoby and Cole went through some different mixes, from old-school to R&B and hip-hop, classic rock, you name it. We were everywhere, catering to each demographic’s taste.

Now, through the night, we did experience a first: The Thunderstruck Game. Why I’ve never heard of this, I’ll never know, but you can guarantee it’ll be something I talk about from now on. Here’s how it works:

Everyone who is participating must have a drink in their hand. The DJ plays Thunderstruck by ACDC, and as soon as the word (or derivative of) “Thunder” is said, Person 1 starts drinking. They keep drinking until “Thunder” is said again. Then, the person to their left picks up where they left off, and waits for the magic word once more, so the person to their left can start. It really is a hysterical game, considering there are some distances of 30-45 seconds in-between, where the person has to just keep drinking until their finish their drink. Then, once they finish, the person to their left goes. Makes sense?

Anyway! Patrick and Briana, thank you so much for the opportunity to be a part of your big day! It was a pleasure and we had a blast! We wish you nothing but the best!