Looking for a DJ, Eh?

You’re looking for someone who can fill a dance floor, keep the night going, and be fun?

Did you know that you’re also looking for someone who can manage your evening, keep vendors together, and keep the stress off you?


beautiful wedding photo by The Nashville Creative

SMART Dance floor fillers

So, being a great wedding DJ is more than just buying speakers and playing music. To be an amazing DJ, you have to be very smart. House DJs use psychologic techniques to profile the crowd and find throwback hits that will keep everyone on the dance floor. We use a dinner and cocktail hour playlist that builds energy through tempo and key so that when we open the dance floor, everyone is primed and ready.

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Wedding minus stress

Because of our experience in various aspects of the wedding industry, we include coordination of the reception complimentarily. It’s honestly easier for us! We’ll make sure that every vendor is where they need to be and when, and we’ll manage the timeline for you. We’ll handle everything so you con focus on getting married.



It’s not just a pretty face that makes us the best wedding DJs in St. Louis. It’s also our willingness to help with just about anything. 80% of the weddings we do involves us joining the centerpiece and decor team, clean up team, or filling in wherever necessary. With experience in these fields, we’re able to fill many gaps so that everything goes as planned.

We play the entertainers, but we are all Team Bride.


high-tech planning forms

Paper is hard to track and dumb. Online planning portals are easy and smart. Our portal is easy and fun. Only answer what you want, we can help with any selections for music. On the portal, we have sections for Reception, Ceremony, Song Requests, and Do Not Play lists.

Even cooler? It integrates with Spotify. If you use Spotify, you can simply copy and paste the link to a playlist and it’ll fill it out for you.


The extras aren’t extra

Usually, companies will offer wireless uplighting (or wired uplighting **gross**), but at astronomical prices. We include wireless, magnetic uplighting in all of our DJ packages, free of charge. Just another thing that takes us no time to do, but it saves you a ton of money and makes your space look gorgeous. Oh, no, we didn’t.

Oh, yeah. We did.


from wedding people

House DJ St. Louis is the brainchild of Lauryn and Cole Coleman, the owners and operators of House DJ St. Louis. Coming from (Lauryn’s) parents who own a wedding venue, Cole and Lauryn have done every aspect of the industry, and they just get weddings. When you book with House DJ St. Louis, you have a true ally in the planning process. Here for advice, questions, or referrals, Cole and Lauryn breathe weddings like:

(insert “something that breathes analogy here)


Crazy simple packages

By the time you’re reading this, you’ve dealt with it: packages where you have to know exactly how many people are coming, whether you want options A, B, or C. Confusing and stressful, right?

That’s why our packages are crazy simple. One price for a base amount of time with an additional hourly price. No additional fees for things that should be expected. Wireless microphones, subwoofers, online planning forms, and wireless uplighting.

So, here’s the deal:

4 Hours: $800

Extra Hours: $100

REally, that’s it.

DJ, Uplighting, Wireless Microphones, Premium Sound, Online Planning Forms, Coordination.

All of it.


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