Our photo booths rock

Our best entertainers without microphones

feat. Cole Coleman

feat. Cole Coleman

Beautify lighting

To properly capture your event, you will need some incredible lighting. There’s all sorts of technical reasons why, but I’ll spare you of the details. Shadows and imperfections are removed, skin is smoothed, and every detail is crystal clear.

Simply put: you’ll look amazing.


Germaphobic Props

We do things differently. One of the things is props. We don’t believe in hats, glasses, or those nose hanger things. Why? Germs. These props go from event-to-event, and while we would clean them, tough bacteria get left behind. to circumvent this issue, we use germaphobic props. These props are made of a high-density PVC, and are resistant to bacteria. Also, their high-density form allows us to clean them 100% effectively.

you’re welcome.


custom graphics every time

Your event is special, and it should be treated as such. Every wedding we do has a template created specifically for that wedding with the date, names, colors, and style. Every corporate event has a design that is created with the logo, company culture, and the colors of the business. It takes a bit of time, but to us, it’s worth it and every client gets a unique experience.

mostly because we’re crazy

Gold sequin backdrop
unlimited photo booth prints for wedding or corporate events

plush red carpet

Every one of our booths come with a plush red carpet. It’s luxurious, tells people where to stand, (and also hides our cords).

Social upload

Facebook is everywhere and everyone. Within the week after every event, we upload all of the photos to facebook for your guests to save and tag.

backdrop of choice

We plan on doing this for a minute, so we don’t mind purchasing a bunch of backdrops. We don’t have the backdrop you want? No problem. Let us know and we will do what we can to get it.

unlimited prints

We work hard. Our printers work harder.

We sell our service by time, not by paper. Everyone in the photo gets a 2” x 6” print, and you can use it as many times as you’d like within your time. No questions asked.

One package, one price

$500: 4 hours

Need more time or less?

$50+/- per hour

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