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Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life.

You spend money on food, decorations, cute little napkins with your names on it, and then you pay photographers and videographers to document it. Now, imagine spending months planning, thousands (or tens of thousands) of dollars, and anticipation. Then, the day comes, and your music sucks. No one wants to dance, the energy is gone, and the sound is horrible.

Nightmare, right?

That’s where we come in: We don’t only provide a DJ service. Our entertainers are also trained wedding coordinators. Our DJs are trained to run the entire reception from start to finish. Cole and Lauryn have worked in every aspect of the wedding industry, and we intimately know the needs of each type of vendor. We work every second we are at your wedding to make sure every need of every vendor is met. We coordinate between you and your vendors, we ensure everyone is where they need to be, and if you have a problem with anything, let us handle it.

Furthermore, we love the energy we bring. starting before anyone enters, we set the mood. With wireless uplighting and a carefully tailored and curated playlist, the room is ready for guests to enter. Once they do, the tempo and style will build throughout the prelude and cocktail hour, moving into the reception and building up to the crescendo, the Grand entrance. Once you enter, we handle all announcements and become friends with your guests, relaxing anxieties and bringing an energy to the room that only we could.

Finally, once we kick it over to dance, we party until the night is over. Our DJs are trained musically and taught to mix genre and tempo, so that we can bring people together on the dance floor without them even realizing it. We’ll profile the crowd and play songs that will bring them back to their party years, and we’ll keep going until the end of the night.

By the end, the energy is high, your guests are exhausted, and you just had the most incredible day of your life.

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More than music


Sure, you could hire just us for our wedding and musical abilities, but..

More than “professionally running the wedding” and “keeping everyone entertained”, we have built an incredible culture around House DJ. More than music, we offer free meetings, assistance, and planning help to any of our brides. We have done this more than you have (hopefully), and we probably know more about how to plan a wedding. So, let us help. If you need assistance or have a question, you have our personal Cell phone. Send us a text, give us a call. You won’t have a massive phone tree, or press “1” for customer service. You speak directly with us.


Service with a smile—and a speaker—and a mixer—and a microphone—and music.

When you hire a company for your wedding, you want to hire a company you feel good about hiring. One of our criteria for hiring a DJ is not that someone has DJ’d before. We hire people who we think have good personalities and servants’ hearts. we feel as though you deserve more than music. It is not unusual for us to help clean at the end of the night. It isn’t unusual for us to help setup decor if needed. When a House DJ is at your wedding, we truly are capable of helping in any aspects necessary.

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Not to brag, but we do a lot of events for free

We’ve been so blessed in our journey by some incredible people, and we feel that it is necessary to give back. For that reason, we do a bunch of events for some no-name charities, including the Special Olympics of Missouri and the Epilepsy Foundation. We have been so blessed and honored to be been able to serve these two amazing organizations in 2017 and 2018, and we hope to continue serving. Because of these, we’ve also been able to perform at some really neat places (most notably Lambert International Airport and the Gateway Grizzlies’ Ballpark.

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“Well, yeah, but what do I get?”

Cool stuff, right? But what do you get out of it? Well, we’ve got some cool stuff for you too. to start, we have a super cool merch section on our website where you can purchase some original House DJ designs at a 25% discount. For our clients, we sell everything at cost. Additional to the custom designs relating to engaged life, at the conclusion of each year, we design a shirt and hoodie with the name of every couple and event on the back in the style of a band tour. It’s so much fun for us to design, and our couples absolutely love it.


Oh, photo booth too